LED UV Sterilizer Sticks

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Giving yourself peace of mind and keeping your family safe and free from germs has never been easier! The safe and chemical free way to kill viruses and bacteria!

Introducing our LED UV Handheld Sanitizing Sticks!
It’s like having the power of the sun in the palm of your hands! UV light has been scientifically proven to kill even the most resistant bacteria, viruses, germs, mild, bed bugs, salmonella, E.coli, etc. Remove bad doors and sanitize germs that hide in crevices that even cleaning wipes can’t reach!
Can be used to disinfect anything from masks, electronics, keyboards, phones, car interior, jewelry, watches, pacifiers, clothing, baby toys, toilets seats, towels, furniture, etc.
Our sterilizing sticks are portable and provides up to 180 seconds of sterilizing various objects on a single charge! 99.9% sterilization rate!